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June 2010 Newsletter

It Happened At School

PPES' Double Whammy

Every year the month of May brings with it excitement and a little anxiety for the Girls eagerly await their academic results. The thrill of going to a new class, reading new books and growing up with PPES is at an all time high.

This May, PPES reached a milestone by breaking its own record. 30 girls sat for their state level exams this year in grade 10 th, the highest ever. 94 % of girls passed with flying marks and are now all set to pursue higher studies, trainings, and new vocations.

To add to this euphoria, 12 th graders had 100% results.
This news is now a talk of the past as PPES is all geared up to conquer more milestones next year.

Teacher Training

In April, PPES flagged off its School Development Program. Although primary education forms the foundation in a student's life, PPES with this program has attempted to focus attention on the learning and development needs of its middle school students.

Jumbish Educational Society is one of the few that engage students at both primary and middle school levels.

With PPES-Jumbish partnership, interactive lessons and facilitative learning will reach a new level. A team of well trained Jumbish professionals conducted their first round of training activities with 16 PPES teachers from 27 th-28 th April.

The training will enable PPES to design a child centric curriculum for its students from 6 th -10 th grades. It will also empower the teachers with the ability to connect academic lessons with daily life experiences.

Trip to Delhi

A one day trip was planned for the 5 th graders. It was made sure that the day had the most in it. The kids accompanied with their 6 teachers went to the Planetorium in Delhi. Watching how the universe looks like was a great joy and surprise for them. Next spot was the Science Museum and the trip was completed with a walk through the India Gate & Ice Cream.

Hawaii in Pardada Pardadi

On May 13 th, 8 students from Shidler College of Business at University of Hawaii visited Pardada Pardadi with their Professor of Management and Culture Mr. Dharam Bhawuk.

The students were on a study cum leisure trip to Asia. The unique business model of Pardada Pardadi inspired them enough to fit in a full day at PPES on their sojourns to Japan and Bangladesh.

The PPES girls as always were excited to have the group over. Once amused by having people from countries with socio-cultural make up remarkably different from theirs, PPES girls now know more a lot about the world geography from guest friends who develop a strong tie with them.

The students from Hawaii also experienced moments of a rural life by visiting villages nearby the school. In the words of professor Bhawuk: "PPES is a temple that'll strengthen the society and transform it to be authentic in thought and deed."


Friends & Partners

PPES-NTTF Together

In April, PPES partnered with Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF): A Training Institute founded in 1959 with knowledge transfer from Swiss industries and Training Schools.  Currently, NTTF has 19 training centers across India.

Beginning this July, PPES graduates will have access to trainings in Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Tool & Die Making and more that they haven't explored yet.

Not just that, the plush green training centers are located in Bangalore city. For 3 years of their learning, PPES girls will be living in Bangalore and experiencing South Indian culture and living. And, they are off course all set to explore the city and are amused by the thought of having to eat more rice than wheat among others. In all, this will be a great excursion for them that'll open up new channels of vocations that pay them higher dividends.

Toys & Toys all the way!

Take a bright colored toy to a kid and you bet she/he won't give it back. The joy of growing up with toys is the most pristine gift any child longs for. PPES' friend Mr. Paramjeet Singh Nanda brought that joy to primary school kids by gifting cartons full of colorful toys all the way from Mumbai.

It's a sight incomparable to anything when you see the kids involved in play. All play and more play are all they ask for now!!

A Healthy Bowl of Rice

Rice forms a staple meal at the school with the kitchen cook Santosh innovating with a variety of rice delicacies. The smell of the food till the time it is served piping hot in the common corridor attracts you to poke your nose in the kitchen and enquire what??s cooking.

Our friend Mr. V.K. Arora from LT overseas: A global food company since 1965, gifted 8 tons of rice for year 2010.

Team News

Volunteer friends

The sight of a new visitor friend has the PPES girls anticipating new lessons, activities and friendships. On seeing a new visitor, they just want to know what new their volunteer friend has in store for them.

Melanie Closs, a theatre artist by profession, is an American who is globetrotting & exploring the themes of cultural understanding & displaying them through creative media. She spent a full month at the school teaching drama to primary and middle school girls. At the end, she & her creative team of 15 assembled a play ?We are One?. With this, Melanie brought to notice the artistic sides of the girls.

In Melanie?s own words: I started with teaching the girls about movement, awareness, vocal skills, finding a specific expression, creating their own stories and dialogue. Despite certain language barriers and cultural differences, the experience of learning about the girls? lives and providing them the opportunity to think creatively on their feet has truly touched my heart in a way I will never forget."

Trip to the Hills

50 of PPES' staff had a getaway in the hills from June 16-19. Every year, a leisure trip is organized for the staff members. The girl graduates now working with PPES in various capacities were among the staff members too.


When the temperatures soar to high degrees, summer trips are a great way of unwinding and escaping the heat by running into the cool hills. This time, the staff explored Dehradun, Missouri, Haridwar and Rishikesh.

PPES Projects

Step by Step

Meghna Verma is a graduate in Graphic &  Fashion designing and is volunteering with Pardada Pardadi since May 2010. She is spearheading a project that she calls 'Step by Step' and it has a strong literal connotation too. Here is how from Meghna herself

"International Shoe Brand Converse All Stars -- have always been cool and popular, and probably always will be. The girls at the school are being taught to paint and design whatever a customer would want onto a pair of Converse All Stars. With each pair of shoes taking up to 8 hrs to paint, they look fantastic. The artwork is all done by hand, without the use of airbrushes or stencils, by girls of grades 7-9. There is a range of bags, caps and T-shirts in the pipeline too."

Our products will cater to international markets. The range has a strong youth connect and will appeal to people of varying ages across the world. Where the experience of designing and experimenting with the product has been fun, the best part has been conducting the art and design workshops with the kids.

PPES Marketing

Marketing at PPES holds the key to making PPES a self sustainable institution as envisioned by the PPES Business model.

Our product range includes: Upholstery, Home Furnishings, clothing accessories and much more. The products have a deep touch of the PPES girls in them.

This quarter started with a high for marketing as they converted crucial partnerships with Central Cottage Industries Emporium and Rosebys.

At present, 4 PPES graduates are working as sales executives at two of PPES showrooms.

Do have a look at the new products in our cart

Or place an order directly from PPES' New Delhi Marketing office at 011 29542966

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