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Pardada Pardadi: A Charity that Provides Education to Children

Many people have the luxury of relying upon the government to provide education and ensure that all children attend. Unfortunately, that isn't the case in Rural India. There, the quality of schools is low, and there is no requirement that students attend. What's more, many rural impoverished families keep their daughters from attending. Because they see these girls as burdens, parents don't see any value in educating them, and instead force them to work in the fields.

In order to combat this problem, Pardada Pardadi provides incentives for families to send their daughters to school. These incentives include three meals a day, 10 rupees a day, and a guaranteed job. Even with these incentives, Pardada Pardadi meets resistance, but slowly, the school hopes to teach members of the community the importance of education.

By educating these girls, Pardada Pardadi hopes to increase economic opportunities within the community.