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Exposing Graduates to the wider world

Every summer four PPES graduates are taken to visit the United States.

Imagine what an opportunity this is for girls from a region where a trip to Delhi is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and where one many not ever ride a train in their lifetime. One of our students, Asha, says about her trip to the US: "I learned that in America everything is very clean. The roads are not dirty and wherever I went everything was neat. I also learned that Americans are very helpful. I saw with my own eyes that a girl's baggage suddenly falling out the trunk of a car, and everyone around her stopped to help put it back in the car. Children who haven't completed their studies and found a job do not get married. No matter how rich a person is, they do not have servants. Everyone does his or her own work."

Exchange programs
In the past, PPES has exchanged students with the following schools:

American School (Delhi, India)
McDonogh School (Maryland, USA)
Diganter School (Rajasthan, India)
Royce School (California, USA)
KR Mangalam (Delhi, India)

Exchange programs allow students to develop a better understanding of the world and bring PPES students one stop closer to becoming global citizens.

Students who come from outside to visit PPES
PPES has hosted students from around the world. These students get an invaluable experience learning about what life is like in rural India. The highlights of such trips include:

* Games, dancing and singing
* Visiting the homes of the students to learn about life in a rural village
* Visiting the Ganges (India's ancient holy river)
* Doing a joint project with host students
* Making new friends
* Discovering the cultural and political aspects of rural life
* Learning a vocational skill like embroidery

According to Karyline, a student of the McDonogh School in Baltimore, "Being at the PPES school has been the best opportunity in my life. I have learned a lot, made new friends, and had a lot of fun."