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Health & Hygiene

PPES realizes that even the best educational institutions are rendered worthless if the students are not healthy enough to attend them. Therefore, the school not only cares about the education our students receive, but also about the overall health of our girls. Immunizations are provided as needed, and total check-ups are provided as students join the school. Additional follow-ups are provided periodically, and we have an ongoing relationship with an organization that conducts annual health camps.

Furthermore, the school has an independent nurse’s office to treat basic injuries and illnesses. Our nurse is capable of basic prescriptions, and she tracks our students’ body mass indexes in order to ensure that malnourished students receive additional calories throughout the day. She also administers bi-annual eye checks and deworming pills, and weekly iron and folic acid supplements.

The school also celebrates “Health and Hygiene Month” once a year after the students have finished their exams. During this month, all of the students past grade four are taught about age-applicable growth and development, and the older girls learn about family planning. Additionally, the whole school participates in interactive, play-based learning that teaches about disease transmission, water-borne diseases and water sanitation, personal and home hygiene, nutrition, and basic first aid.

Moreover, PPES works with the surrounding communities. Camps for cataract operations have helped thousands of people, and in 2008 a general check-up camp drew more than 300 villagers. The school recently built a community hygiene center, and has plans to build another one in a nearby village. Click here for more information on the center.