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January through February 2011 Newsletter

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The Dawn of a New Year

The start to 2011 at Pardada Pardadi has been great as always. At PPES, every year brings on a new challenge, a new idea, and then some great ideas. The months of Jan and Feb saw another memorable trip by an international school, another ambitious project, and another joy of welcoming a new member to the PPES family, to name a few.

At the School

The CUNY at the Pardada Pardadi

Situated in the city of New York in the USA, the City University is a place of contrast, an urban school in a suburban setting. With that cultural history, it was an amazing experience to host a group of 12 students and 2 teachers from the college at the Pardada Pardadi School from Jan 23- 27. The Indian Republic Day Celebrations coincided with the CUNYs visit. There was a fusion of cultural fun with a Macarena by the CUNYs and the singing of the national anthem by the PPES girls.

Queens (Custom).JPG

By now, the Ganges Boat ride has become the highlight of the itinerary on every guest list. It is also the experience, perhaps once in a life time, to go to a temple where monkeys greet you, have the taste of sugarcane fresh from the farm, and make friends for a life with the PPES girls.

Ms. Sara Lizzul, the Associate Director of Education Board at the Queens sums up the four days in a few lines for us:

Our students left Pardada Pardadi with a fuller understanding of the impact of education. At PPES communities are united through their joint struggle to send their daughters to school. The proud parents, watching their daughters on stage as they performed during the Republic Day, made us realize that the education of a single girl is the achievement of an entire family. Painting a mural, taking part in the Republic Day celebrations, and meeting the girls and their families were highlights of our time in Anoopshahr

Outreaching through the toilets

Next on the TOILET GUY'S Agenda

81 toilets in 12 villages in one years time, and now it is a community toilet that is up for the challenge on Mr. Ron Fuchs agenda. It is on its way at the Madargate area. This area has a story to tell, it is comprised of families from the lowest Hindu Hierarchy. Labeled the Kanjars (the Sweeping Class in English), people here are stereotyped into being habitually dirty. With homes that are small shanties (the reality can be mocking at times), they have no amenity of a toilet. They are prohibited from using open fields, as they do not own any. Yes, basic amenities like that are missing. Well, not any more.

Ron (Custom).jpg

Mr. Fuchs, unfazed by the lack of space in the homes in this community, came up with the unique model of a community toilet.. Not just a toilet, the Community Hygiene Complex, as it is called, will have a set of toilets for men, and another for young girls and women, a laundry and shower facility, and a space for the women to discuss the concepts of hygiene and education while they chit chat every day. Didnt somebody say My ideas come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living

Not just the construction of toilets, the project also includes the green drive where the construction model will be founded on pro environmental plans. It will be a prototype of wellness and development model.

For those of you, who would like to be part of this great one of its kind initiative, get in touch with us. There is something for all of us to relate to and be part of. You just need to let us know

Partners & Friends

Partners In Deed

The Bharti Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the Airtel Corporation.  With a goal to establish 500 primary schools in the remote corners of India, the foundation is close to getting there with 236 Satya Bharti Schools (primary schools) already running in the five states of India. The Pardada Pardadis alliance with the Bharti Foundation is special for it is not just an education but a holistic alliance that hopes to create models of development and wellbeing.

Hear it from the man himself:

We are running two Satya Bharti Primary Schools in Anoopshahr in partnership with PPES. These schools are fully funded by Bharti Foundation and are being managed on a day-to-day basis by PPES. We are delighted in this unique partnership for taking quality education to children from less privileged backgrounds, especially girls. The resultant impact on the lives of children and their families has been very heartwarming and encouraging

Mr. Vijay Chadda, CEO, Bharti Foundation

A Life with Dignity & A Value for Work

From training young PPES girls in vocations, to now employing 25 women at the PPES Production Centre, the Marketing Department at PPES is gradually finding its niche. These women, who are so happy to have a job now, had never walked out of their houses for a living before. Call it lack of opportunity or the existing attitudes against thinking that women can very well be income generators. When you walk by the side of the production centre that is buzzing with the energy of these women and the sound of machines, you see them laughing, sharing a joke and working. The excitement is the same as that of a little girl going to a kindergarten class.


The group of these women is currently manufacturing suit bags for the BlackBerrys India. This is what the MD of BlackBerrys India; Mr. Nitin Mohan has to say

We deeply appreciate the opportunity given by PPES for both of us to come together and contribute in a meaningful way, and help us with our Corporate Social Responsibility. I would like this opportunity to grow in scale. We have just begun; I am looking forward to increasing this in proportion

From the PPES Team

All the World's a Stage.....

On one fine day, Abigail E Lynns discussion with a friend in a New York Citys theatre school brought on the topic of Pardada Pardadi. This friend instantly thought of PPES when Abby and she got talking about schools reaching out to the children in need. If that was not it, watching a video on the Pardada Pardadi School was what it got Abby to decide that she wanted to volunteer at PPES. How long for was the question? After regular talks with the PPES Team working at the grassroots level, Abby thought that one year was not a big sacrifice and far outweighed by the volunteering experience. So, it was decided that Abby was coming to PPES for at least a year.

Over to Abby now,


My first month in India has been wonderful.  Everyone has been extremely welcoming and I have settled in to village life.  Teaching English is going to be a challenge, but I find that the teachers and students are eager to meet the challenge and succeed in their goals.  I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year will bring!

From a PPES Student to Employee

A bundle of mischievous laughter that greets you as you enter the school, that is Preeti Chauhan for you. Preeti is one of the first girls to graduate from the PPES. She is also among the first group of girls that PPES employed. She is the Account Assistant at the school who has a strong hold on numbers.  You cannot miss the sight of her work desk that she has decorated with two clowns on each side of it. Talk about working serious, that takes a true meaning as she allows people in her room only when they have a prior appointment.


At age 21, she makes fun of her girl friends who are getting married. She is the TOM BOY of Pardada Pardadi. Preeti stood determined and went against her familys wish to have her get married to the father of two and a husband of her deceased sister. Today, she is a young woman who knows her rights. Knowledge of Accounts has also helped her to maintain a fixed deposit of her salary, invest in bank policy, and think, as they say, PROVIDENTLY

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Partners & Friends
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