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July through August 2010 Newsletter

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PPES is 10 yrs Old

From 45 girls in 2000 to 1100 in 2010, that is not all that PPES has grown into in 10 years. Beginning with questionable eyes of the villagers towards investing in the Girl Child education to motivating families to sending their girls to Pardada Pardadi ?.PPES is celebarting its 10th anniversary.

All this year we are campaigning for Adopt an Education Initiative. We are collaborating with schools, colleges and universities from across the world and inviting them to join the campaign.

This community of action will solve and support some of the basic needs for education of the newly enrolled PPES girls: Uniform, meals, a bicycle to ride and a big smile that comes with a proper and fulfilling education among others.

The campaign has something for everyone to contribute.

Write to us on for more information.

Off to Bangalore

Shabnam, Pooja, Krishna, Priyanka and Sapna are not just learning to enjoy the rice dishes but also the sprawling campus of the Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) in the IT city of Bangalore.

All these PPES girls secured a trainee spot at NTTF by passing the entrance tests. In three years, these girls will become trained professionals in electronics and will be working in jobs that pay them high dividends.

These three years will be more than just training to get a well paying job. It will be also about living in a new city, eating different food, making new friends and passing all that onto their families and PPES friends.

In Priyanka's own words, I am not at all anxious of going so far from home. My parents have a high hope from me. I am so happy that I will be studying in one of the biggest training schools. Once my training completes, I will not just support my family but my school too?

I dream of becoming a NURSE

Only if dreams were so hard to chase that they never turned true. Neetu Tomar is a 23 year old girl from a village Karanpur. She is one of the first PPES graduates. She is also the first in her family to have been to a school. Since childhood, Neetu wanted to become a nurse. This desire got her working at the school's health department. Business Community Foundation introduced PPES to The Sambhav Foundation that is supporting Neetu's decision by sponsoring her Nursing training.

Resized 7.JPG

PPES thanks the foundation for turning Neetu's dream to reality.
Neetu tells us that she will be the first nurse from her village of about 3000 families. Her empowerment may be mistaken as rebellion by some as she refuses to get married off and talks of breaking the convention by having her younger brother married first.

It Happened at the School

Independence Day Celebrations

Preparations for putting up a great show on August 15 started a month back at PPES. The Independence Day celebrations kicked off the feelings of patriotism and sovereignty in the girls as they danced in songs while dressed up in colors green, white and orange. Lots of fun and sweets concluded the day on a promising note.

Resized 6.jpg

Not just the girls but their mothers and families also witnessed the hoisting of the Indian flag at the school by attending in full numbers.

I Planted a Tree

The PPES School is right in the middle of the sprawling green fields. Outdoor activities are a great way of developing strong responsible behaviors among children.

In July, grades 6, 7, 8 and 9 planted about 40 saplings of veggies on the PPES grounds. They water them every day and measure their growth too. This activity was a great way of creating awareness towards the Environment and the need for Conservation.

Resized 4.jpg

As they water the fields, the students wait for the saplings to grow and yield veggies so that they can cook them in the PPES kitchen.

Dupont dons the hat of Computer Trainers

In August, DuPont India came up with the idea of turning teachers for PPES girls. Every Saturday, four Dupont employees will be volunteering and taking computer classes with grades 8th and 9th.


The first class started on August 28. The volunteers used animation and power point to make sure that the kids did not take their eyes off the lessons. The idea is to introduce lessons that the girls have never done on computers and to make them friends of the students.

My new Book & Uniform

The joy of going to a new class was doubled when PPES students got their new books and uniforms. The 200 girls that joined PPES in Feb 2010 were a little happier than the rest as they were wearing their uniforms for the very first time. These girls have never been to a school before PPES enrolled them from most underserved and discriminated against communities.

This time, Axis Foundation gifted a stock of 10,000 notebooks to PPES.

The sight of the students touching their new books for the first time was undoubtedly one of the most pristine moments of the time.

Meet the PPES Team

Volunteer Leigh Anne from Missouri, U.S.A

On her first ever visit to India; Anne was all set to fly in with a strong drive to volunteer with PPES for at least a year. The great divide between the cities and the villages of India has surprised her the most. From the boat race of Kerala to the local sweet candies of Anoopshahr, she is absorbing every bit of her Indian experience.


In Anne's words: I am a current Business Volunteer for PPES.  I arrived on 4 July, and it has been a whirlwind experience ever since. At the office, I definitely hit the ground running with some great ideas collaborated with the PPES team. Even though I have never worked full time before, the work that I do here cannot be considered the daily drones of corporate life. One of my favorite pastimes is going to the school. I LOVE seeing the girls and the brightness in their eyes! I know that I am truly helping out these girls and volunteering for a great cause! I can't wait to see what the next 10 months brings.

Principal Krishan Kumar Sharma

Principal Krishan Kumar, fondly called KK, is a young man who has just had a baby boy. His wife Taruna is a teacher of Home sciences at the school. KK is a Bachelor of Science and holds a Bachelor of Education too. He joined PPES as a Math and Science teacher in 2007.


KK believes that PPES has given him a strong drive to work for the education of the girl child and according to him his wife Taruna. Yes! PPES is where KK and Taruna met for the first time and are now both working towards the cause of empowering the PPES girls.
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