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  Pardada Pardadi at Amritsar

In 19 June, fifteen Class X students and two teachers from Pardada Pardadi took a trip to Amritsar, Punjab. For many students, this was one of the few times they had been out of the Bulandshahr District and most of the students had never traveled on a train before. It was a thrilling experience for them.

While there, they saw the holiest of all Sikh temples, the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, the famous site of the World War I Jallianwala Massacre and the Wagah Border. Everyone was eager to see the Indian and Pakistani soldiers on parade.

Students and teachers alike had a wonderful experience, and a trip they will never forget.

  Jagori Training

JAGORI ('AWAKEN, WOMEN') is a women's training, documentation, communication and resource centre in New Delhi, India. ( They generously agreed to design a program for 120 of our students.

In 22 June, the Jagori team came to school and taught our girls about the stereotypes of gender roles that exist as well as how to break down these stereotypes.

These kind of trainings are very important to socially empower our girls and make them build a feminist consciousness.

  "Thanks to all PPES friends" - Sam Singh

This summer both Renuka and I got a rare treat when both of us were invited by our common friends to the U.K.

As we both were to attend a fund raising meeting in the U.S, we thought it would be a great idea to take a break in the U.K. and convey our heartfelt thanks to our many friends and supporters at PPES. And we are so glad we did! Friends they are - but, we never realized how intellectually enlightening a source they are or have become.

It was a rare treat for us when an evening of ‘Gazals and Geets’ was organized in honor of Pardada Pardadi and a Hindi poetry book: ‘Dharti Eak Poul’ was presented to us as a token of their support to PPES.

In the US, July 4th came early for all PPES friends and supporters. For the 10th consecutive year, we all met in FAIRFAX, VA, at my younger daughter’s (Ena) residence.

This yearly get-together is a unique opportunity for us to share the developments of the previous year and to plan for the coming academic year. Also, it gives us an opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to all PPES friends who have been continuously supporting us through all these years.

During our stay in the United States, we also went to meet friends at Baltimore, New York, Chicago, among other places. On behalf of our students and staff members we would like to express our gratitude to your kind support.

  Praxis Training

Since July, Praxis team has been teaching 25 of our students how to mobilize and motivate the community to send their girl children to school.

During their visits to the school, Praxis members taught our students how to conduct research, analyze that research and design a strategy to change behavior within the community. The students were divided into two groups for the purpose of detailed introspection and were asked to think and prepare the research design. Later, the students discussed the research design they prepared.

Praxis team facilitated the discussions among the students and gave further input in the research design they prepared.

Don't miss the results of the research in our next newsletter!

  "The importance of Education" - a street play by Pardada Pardadi

On July, 18th, the students from classes VII, VIII and IX went to the village Bachikheda where they presented a street play about 'The importance of Education'. The students were asked to write and prepare this play, explaining in their own way how the school was important for them and their future.

Bachigeda is a small village 5km away from our school, however; only 8 of our students come from this village. Our goal was to spread awareness about our Pardada Pardadi Vocational School and the importance of educating girls.

Our street play was a surprise to many villagers; however, in few minutes hundreds of people enthusiastically surrounded the actresses to see their play. At the end, the parents of the PPES students from Bachigeda were invited to tell their experience with Pardada Pardadi to the audience and explain why they were sending their daughters to school.

Street plays such as 'The importance of Education' are not only a way to spread the awareness of PPES among villagers, but also a good way to prevent drop-outs.

The teachers of Pardada Pardadi have organized themselves in 4 prevention groups. Every week, those groups go to a village to congratulate parents of girls with regular attendance. Also, they visit the parents of girls that have dropped out recently or have been missing school.

During the visit teachers try to understand the reasons why parents have not been sending their daughters to school and try to find a solution together with parents and children.

  20th South Asian International Fund Raising Workshop

Between August, 8th and 11th, Pardada Pardadi attended the 20th South Asian International Fund Raising Workshop organized by SAFRG in Jaipur, India.

This annual event brings to India professional fundraisers from countries like UK, Australia, and USA.

It is a perfect platform for the sharing of proven methods, best practices and important skills in fundraising that helps organizations to build effective strategies for fundraising, communications and, ultimately, success.

It is also an amazing platform to meet other organizations from Asia. This year there were delegates from China, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, etc…

  'Expression of Freedom' at Tihar'


Delhi Prisons, Ramchander Nath Foundation and Indira Gandhi Centre for the Arts organized an exhibition of artworks by inmates of Tihar Jail and contemporary artists of India at Tihar, New Delhi.

The exhibition curated by Anubhav Nath & Johny ML happened between August, 12th and 31st. On 26th, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society presented a street play written by its students on "Expressions of freedom".

This was a great experience for our students who had the chance to perform in front of students from another school. The impressed Delhites students were very happy to meet our little actresses.

This trip to Delhi was also a great opportunity to show the capital of India to our students. After visiting the National Museum, our students savoured an ice cream at India Gate.

The students went back to the village with huge smiles on their faces and a memorable experience in their hearts!

  Global Giving Open Challenge

The Global Giving Open Challenge is an amazing fund raising opportunity for nonprofits has been organized by Global Giving, the internationally recognized marketplace for philanthropy. It helps non-profit organizations working around the world to connect individual donors to the causes they care most about.

For PPES, the Challenge started in August, 18th and ended September, 18th! Thanks to all the suppport of 'Global Giviers', we secured a permanent spot on the website very quickly and, in total, we were able to raise more $13,000 from 184 donors!

On behalf of Pardada Pardadi students and team, a big thank you to all!

If you wish to know more about Global Giving, visit our profile!

  Comings and Goings

The past two months have brought both sad departures from and new faces to the Pardada Pardadi Staff.

Sally Gioia , who has been the Communications Manager since January 2009, left PPES to prepare her adventures in France. She will be missed by the team at PPES and is wished much success in the future.

PPES has also added two new members to the team!

- Naterce Santos joined PPES as its Senior Project Manager. Prior to working at PPES, she worked as a Project manager in a non-profit agency in Portugal.

- Shrijna Dixson joined PPES as an intern/trainee after her graduation in Psychology from the Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi.

  Delhi Half Marathon

Everybody is geting their running shoes ready in Delhi, so are we! On November, 1st Pardada Pardadi will participate in the Delhi Half Marathon! It's our first time!

Find out more about the race and come support us!

  Get ready for Diwali


Diwali is one of the biggest festival of Hindus, celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness in India. The festival is celebrated for five continuous days, where the third day is celebrated as the main Diwali festival or 'Festival of lights'.

The festival of Diwali is never complete without exchange of gifts. People present Diwali gifts to all near and dear ones.

This Diwali why not gift a present done by Pardada Pardadi students? Visit our shop and place your order by e-mail at

  Visitors and Donations


Once again and despite the difficult financial times that we are going through, Pardada Pardadi received an amazing fiancial support over the past months. Thank you for trusting us and believing in our girls!

The last but not the least! Over the last months we were honored with several visits of friends and supporters. Thank you all for your presence. And please, do visit us again!

If you wish to meet our students, please contact us and we will be happy to help you organizing your trip!

We hope to see you soon at PPGVS!

For donations to Pardada Pardadi Educational Society online, go here. To find out other ways to get involve, visit here.