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March 2009 Newsletter

Rekha: From Tea Shop to Top Shop
Rekha Rani and her four siblings grew up knowing only the tea shop that their father ran in Anupshahar. A far cry from the Starbucks found on the corner of most cities, Mr. Rani's shop charges about 1 rupee for a chai, and he certainly doesn't earn enough to support a family of four. While the family was surviving (by Anupshahar standards), no options existed for Rekha or her siblings, despite their attendance at the government school

Fortunately, Rehka's family heard about PPES, and decided to enroll their daughter, opening up a new world of opportunities. Rehka started attending in Class 5, and quickly embraced the school's culture of learning and opportunity. Over her seven years, Rekha learned a lot and created several wonderful friendships with both students and teachers, which was her favorite part of school. In classes, Rekha was drawn to both her English and Art courses, having a special talent for both. Like other students before her, upon graduation, Rehka decided to pursue Fashion Design at the Rai Institute.

Rekha has come a long way, but her life is only just beginning. After successfully passing her Class 12 exams, Rekha was able to look forward to August, when she will move to Jaipur to start her college education. Rekha hopes that, one day, she will get to live in Mumbai or Delhi and work in one of the major fashion houses.

Not only is Rekha excited to use her education to move forward in the world, but she also wants to use it to improve the environment. When asked, Rekha stated that she really wants to help clean up her community. She stated that Anupshahar (and the area around it) is extremely polluted, and so Rekha wants to educate her neighbors and friends on the importance of keeping the environment clean.

PPES hopes that other students and parents will follow Rekha's lead, and use the opportunities provided by PPES to the fullest.

Paper Preeti Gives PPES Students the Chance to Tour the World (Virtually)
PPES started a new program, 'Paper Preeti', that allows its students to see the world through the eyes of people all around the world.

Twenty PPES students created a paper doll ("Paper Preeti") with a brief background written on the back. The Paper Preetis were then mailed to participants throughout the globe, who will 'show' Paper Preeti their favorite part of town. The participant will take a picture with Paper Preeti, upload it to a website, and then forward her on to a new part of the world.

PPES students had a great time making the Paper Preetis, and are excited at the prospect of seeing 'themselves' pictured in different parts of the world. Want to check out the photos? Click here to see photos of Paper Preeti preparing for her journey as well as stops along the way.

Want to participate? Email Sally at for more information.


PPES Class 7 and 8 Perform at Dilli Haat
PPES Class 7 and 8 students received the chance to shine at an event held by the Fair Trade Forum on May 9. There, a cultural evening was held to promote social awareness on issues such as climate change, poverty and the financial crisis.

As a member of Fair Trade India, PPES was invited to perform, and five girls prepared an English Skit called "Jackie and Jill". The play told the story of poor Jackie and Jill (Jack was too busy lazing around, so the girls had to do all the work!) who had to walk far up a hill to fetch a pail of water, since no clean water existed in their home.

The tale brought home the realities of rural life in India, where water at home is luxury, and all too often, a lot of time and energy is spent simply walking to find clean, drinkable water.

The event was a success, and the girls enjoyed their experience on the stage. PPES hopes that its students will have more opportunities to come to Delhi and show the world their talents.



Congratulations to All Students who Passed their Class 10 and 12 Exams
Ten out of twelve of our students passed their 12th level exams this year, a new record for Pardada Pardadi! Congratulations goes to all students as well as their teachers for the hard work they put in to get to this point. As first generation learners, this is an amazing accomplishment for all of these girls.

Additionally, two PPES students, Rekha Rani and Lakshmi Giri passed in 1st Division, which requires a lot of hard work and dedication to their studies. PPES is very proud of their hard work and accomplishments!

Below is a complete list of students who passed their Class 12 exams:

  • Rekha Rani (1st Division)
  • Lakshmi Giri (1st Division)
  • Neetu
  • Kumkum
  • Hemlata
  • Asha Rani Pal
  • Priti Chouhan
  • Neetu Tomar
  • Mamta Rani Pal
  • Pravesh Kumari
Within Class 10, 24 students sat for the exam, and 20 passed, an all-time high! Since 2006, PPES' graduating class has grown 100% -- from 10 students to 20. In total, PPES has had 59 graduates.

Congratulations to the following 20 students who successfully completed their exams:
  • Alkesh Chaudhary
  • Anupam Chauhan
  • Sharda Chauhan
  • Aarti Jatav
  • Anita Jatav
  • Hitesh Kumari
  • Raj Bala Pal
  • Chanchal Ragav
  • Neetu Rani
  • Sudha Rani
  • Kunti Saini
  • Babita Sharma
  • Lalita Sharma
  • Indra Vati
  • Kumkum
  • Miklesh
  • Neetu
  • Rajni
  • Roopvati
  • Usha


Inauguration of the Teachers' Colony

On Saturday, April 25, Mr. K.N. Memani inaugurated the Teachers' Colony, which is scheduled to be completed by July 2009. PPES began building the Teachers' Colony in January 2009 to provide housing to its teachers and volunteers. Due to its isolation and poverty level, the area surrounding Anupshahar does not offer extensive accommodations, which can create problems for PPES to attract teachers and volunteers to work at the school. To combat this problem, PPES, with the help of its wonderful donors, created its own accommodations.

Construction has been completed up through the 2nd floor, and teachers and volunteers hope to move in by July. If you have any furniture or home goods you no longer need, please consider donating it to our teachers' colony. For more information, contact Sally at

New Bulandshahar Shop Opens -- Check it Out

PPES now has a new store located in the Alka Motel, in Bulandshahar. For those of you who have visited the school, you know that the Alka Motel is a great rest stop with tasty food and clean bathrooms half-way between Delhi and Anupshahar. Now, it's also a good opportunity to get some much needed shopping in!

On May 30, PPES held its inauguration of the shop, with Chief Guest Andrew Horne, from Xerox India, there to help open the store. Food, drinks and shopping was enjoyed by all who attended.

To arrange a visit to the school (and maybe even the shop!), simply email, and we will arrange a convenient time for you to see the school, meet our students and (maybe) get a bit of shopping done on the side.


Donations to PPES

Despite the economic downturn, PPES has received amazing support from its friends as well as new acquaintances. For that, PPES thanks all of your for your generous support -- any amount helps, and we know just how hard it can be to give in times like these.

Over the past two months, PPES received the following donations:

  • Australia High Commission:
  • Janet Bendann: $50
  • Amay Branson: INR 20,000
  • Kristi Burleson: $20
  • David Carlysle: $50
  • Cindy Johnson: $200
  • Eileen Mills: $1,200
  • Ted Osius: INR 23,750
  • Arti Pullins (Careerbuilder India): $1,000
  • Krishan and Anjlai Sant: INR 23,500
  • Anupam Srivastava: INR 50,000
  • Girija Sundar: $500
  • Valley Intermediate School: $452
  • Rekha and Krishan: INR 21,000
  • Harper Whitman: $25