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November through December 2010 Newsletter

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The year 2010 at PPES comes to an end with this newsletter, and with that there is arrival of new and bigger beginnings in 2011. During Nov-Dec, celebrations peaked with the Xmas and New Year mirth around the time, the support from some new and old friends took shape in the form of contribution towards a new school building. And then, there was so much more
At the School

Christmas and New Year Time

With cup cakes baked fresh in the PPES Bakery, balloons, jingles, and a decked up Christmas tree, there was nothing missing from calling in the Christmas and New Year celebrations at the school. While in Delhi, the Xerox India MD, Mr. Andrew Horne turned his Christmas party into a donation campaign for the PPES. The guests contributed their gifts to the Horne family in the form of donations to PPES. PPES thanks Mr. Horne and the Xerox Team for their unconditional love and dedication towards the PPES cause.


The Archer Trip

The four days from Nov-16-19 were a bunch full of international exchanges between the PPES and the Archer School for Girls in LA in the USA. PPES and its girls hosted 14 Archer girls between 15-18 age groups and their teachers. For many girls, it was their first time ever in India and definitely the first in a remote rural part of the country. Among the adventures they had were a herbal color activity (the PPES girls designed the hands of the Archer girls with Henna), a visit to the village temple of the monkey god, first hand observation of the sugar making process in the open field factory of a village, and moments of fun, laughter and amazement


The saying that the world is flat comes about true with the exchange visits of this kind. It gives a chance to students from different demographies to exchange their life experiences.  This is one of the first few steps towards forming a GLOBAL FAMILY

An Indian Wedding for Sarah & Lorenzo

On Nov 12, PPES turned into a wedding destination as it hosted the wedding of its volunteer Lorenzo Casarosa with Sarah Kuehne. The guests for the day were the PPES girls and staff. Lorenzo came in riding a Horse Chariot, while Sarah dressed up in an Indian wedding trousseau with her hands painted of the Henna design. Overall, there were the marigold flower garlands, the Bollywood music, and every ingredient bound with love and joy that made for an out and out Indian wedding


PPES Friends

All for a New School

A new building is in the making for the 200 girls who joined PPES in Feb 2010. These girls are eagerly waiting for their SCHOOL where they will gather the routine childhood joy that is distant in the communities they come from. This special New Year gift in the form of a living primary school has been possible with contributions from PPESÂ’Â’ friends:

Ms. Parul K Hinzen is a journalist and writer based in Atlanta, USA. She has dedicated a donation of US $ 11,000 towards building of a classroom, on her late father, Mr. Jatinder Nath Kapur'Â’Â’s name. Mr. Kapur was a Chartered Accountant who supported education of the underprivileged. He has been immortalized in the PPESÂ’Â’ memories forever.


In the UK, PPESÂ’Â’ dear friend Prof. Nirmalaya Kumar of London Business School hosted dinner events at his house along with the iPartner India. The backdrop of the paintings by Rabindra Nath Tagore and Jamini Roy at his house added to the ambience of the night dedicated to the PPES. The event raised INR 15 Lacs/ UK Pounds 21,426 from donations by the guest friends of the iPartner India.

The school has been named the EMMA SCHOOL after Ms. Emma Horne who raised funds from a dinner event that she set up. PPES THANKS all its friends, old and new, for holding the hands of 200 girls and walking them to school.

Learning about India

From Oct -Dec 2010, 30 PPES girls joined hundreds of other children from across India for the National Integration Camp in village Kechla in Orissa. The village is situated in a tribal area. The camp has been organized by the Aurobindo Education Society in Delhi. It aims to strengthen national integration and harmony among the youth irrespective of religion, race or caste.  During their CAMPING, the PPES girls enjoyed participating in cultural programmes, group discussions & debates, health and environment campaigns, yoga, trekking, and meditation. With this trip, the PPES girls came out as more sensitive towards equality and unity among each other.



Volunteer Judy Ma'am

Ms. Judith Hunger has been an US Peace Corps volunteer. She first visited PPES in 2007. Ever since then Judy ma'am, as she is fondly called by everyone at PPES, has brought with her a special embrace and unconditional love every following year, that she visits the PPES. Whether it is taking care of the needs of the young volunteers or taking classes with the PPES girls, Judy is everywhere and always encouraging others with her perpetual energy and positive attitude. Judy, we love you and want you to come back more often.


In Judy's own words, "Three years (2007-2010), three different experiences:  ALL reflect a growing awareness on the part of the students that there is a wide wide world outside Anoopshahr.  Go girls, go"

Straight from the PPES Kitchen

Santosh is the storehouse of energy. She got to be one, as she supervises cooking of meals for 1100 students every day. Santosh is from village Khallor. She has been in charge of the PPES kitchen since 2006. Married at a young age of 15, Santosh decided that she will not mark a similar fate for her two daughters. Her daughters, Rashmi and Ritu, are in grades 10 and 9 respectively at PPES. Her younger daughter Ritu is a special favorite of all the teachers and volunteers. She has an innocent charm that'Â’Â’s hard to go unnoticed. Santosh does not have dreams that are any different from other mothersÂ’Â’. She dreams of a good education for both her daughters. Santosh works as an overnight tailor at her home to earn some extra income. PPES salutes the spirit of every mother, and promises to support her dreams for her daughters.


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