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September through October 2010 Newsletter

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The Annual Day 2010

PPES celebrated its Annual Day on Oct 28. The chief Guest for the occasion was Lady Arabella Stagg, the wife of the British High Commissioner to India. There were also other foreign diplomat guests who celebrated the BIG DAY with the PPES girls. The school, that day, was decked up with Marigold flowers and there were music and dance shows put up by the PPES students and teachers. PPES volunteers and friends added even more FUN to the show.

annual day copy.JPG

The same day the foundation stone for the new school building for the girls coming from the most marginalized and discriminated against colonies was also put up. The building is dedicated to Ms Emma Horne, wife of the Xerox India MD Mr. Andrew Horne, who organized a fund raising dinner in March proceeds from which went into the construction of the building.

Painting the School Building

This Deepawali was an ever special one for the PPES girls. The schools building has been painted in shades of yellow that smell fresh on the walls. The girls are excited for the new look their school building is donning.

building copy.JPG

This special gift for Diwali has been given by Mr. and Mrs. M.N Raghavan as they donated the money and came up with the idea of spending it on doing the schools building. Mr. Raghavan certainly knows how special a school building is for its students. He and his wife had more in store for the girls as they celebrated this Deepawali at the school and shared the joy of the festival with the PPES girls. Meanwhile, the girls made all the preparations for decorating the school with lights, candles, flowers and rangolis (an art work on the floor made of dried colors).

PPES at the CII

The Confederation of Indian Industry in Mumbai organized the National Summit on quality in education from Oct 22-23.  PPES founder president, Mr. Virendra Sam Singh participated as one of the guest speakers in the summit.  The objective was to share the PPES model and learnings that others can take back to their environmental settings in working towards the issue of rural Girl Child Education. The summit brought into focus the need to bridging social inequality, gender disparities, and religious, ethnic and linguistic limitations and gaps between geographic areas into mainstream.


In the Sporty Spirit

The Sports Day

If you ever challenge a PPES girl to come out and race with you, the chances are high that shell leap like a sprinter and give you a great sporting company. This is not rare for the girls who walk about 5 km on foot and cycle 10 km every day to school.

sports day copy.jpg

The school put up a great sporting spirit on 10 Oct. PPES girls hosted the Sports day for two schools in Anoopshahr. Seventy five students participated in sporting events like long jump, high jump, and race. The day was a full house with PPES volunteers and teachers cheering the girls as they went on a winning spree. Being on the home turf certainly helped as the PPES girls managed to win 16 medals.

The CWG Fiesta

The news of the 2010 Common Wealth Games in Delhi passed on to Pardada Pardadi. The girls wondered how Delhi, the capital city, looked like.

CWG copy.JPG

Xerox India thought that the girls were not asking for the skies. On Oct 6, 45 PPES girls took great pride in being the spectators of the India-Australia Hockey match sponsored by Xerox at the Major Dhyan Chand Hockey stadium. It was a Wow moment for all of them. They were amazed at the state of the art stadia and the breathtaking match that followed. The girls had done all the preparations for being a GOOD spectator. They learned the rules of the game and also watched the movie Chak De India (Go for it India).

New Friends at PPES

The World Bank at PPES


Mr. Roberto Zagha, the Country Director of the World Bank visited the school on Oct 15 along with his wife. He keenly observed the academic and vocational departments of the school and was left impressed by the elegant embroidery done by the girls. In Mr. Zaghas own words, Pardada Pardadi is carrying a social revolution that is much needed.

All the way from the South

A group of 60 people visited PPES from Sep 26-29 from the TVS Community College in Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The TVS team also brought in their spouses and kids. For many of them, it was their first North India visit. The TVS College imparts vocational training in high end vocations to students who drop out of school in Tamil Nadu.

Volunteer Graeme

Graeme Durovich is fresh out of her high school and volunteering with PPES all the way from North Carolina, USA until mid March. In her gap year before she joins college, she is teaching the PPES little ones Playtime Activities.  These PPES girls in age group 4-10 are first time school goers from the most marginalized and discriminated against communities. Play does not come naturally to these girls who can smile at the sight of a toy but do not know how to play with one.

Graeme copy resized.JPG

On her first day in action, Graeme bought crayons, paper, indoor and outdoor games and jumping ropes for the kids. Every day, she prepares play activities to add FUN to the girls schooling. In Graems own words- Wow. It is quite challenging to tell the kids to go all out and play. Really, I am enjoying every bit drawing with the girls, helping them learn English through poems and songs and just running around and playing with them. The highlight of my day is gathering the little girls from their homes every morning. I think they like me being their caretaker.


Computer Lessons by Mike and Mary

Mike Mays and Mary Cairns arrived at PPES from Pennsylvania, in the USA, on October 13. Mike and the PPES computer teacher, Sarab, have been working hard to get the computer lab up and running, and connected to wireless, so that students can begin using the internet. Mike is also developing interactive computer courses to ensure that students learn computer skills that will allow them to obtain jobs in the computer field upon graduation.


Mike and Mary1 (Custom).JPG


SUNDAYS have become more happening at PPES with Mike and Mary around. On Sundays, Mike teaches computer classes to PPES students and teachers while Mary assists with the class. Both Mary and Mike have also been teaching English classes at the primary school.


Meet Mr. Sajan Jose

Whether it is the local markets, villages or anything to do with Anoopshahr, Mr. Shajan Jose knows about it better than even a localite. He thinks that although he was born in Kerala, he was meant to be in  Anoopshahr from his heart. Mr. Jose is the admin in charge at PPES since 2000 when the school just started out and had no building. He has a wife and two lovely daughters who are in Kerala. He stays at PPES full time and thinks going to Kerala is like a vacation for him.

Mr Jose and family copy.jpg

It is his drive to work for the empowerment of the girl child that has made him give up on his family life.  He still remembers how he and Mr. Sam Singh, the founder president, would go from village to village to campaign for the girl child education when PPES had just started out. Now, the school is widely known in the area and Mr. Jose can be taken to be its Poster Guy.

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