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Pardada Pardadi: A Charity that Furthers Women Empowerment

Women have it pretty rough in Rural India. From the time they are born, girls are treated as a burden to their families, forced to work in the fields from a very young age. These children are robbed of their childhood, and more importantly, they are robbed of their self-worth.

What's more, many of these girls are forced to grow up sooner, as they are pushed into a marriage well before they are of age. In fact, a study conducted by The Lancet indicates that almost 50% of women in India were married while still a child.

Through both its school and community outreach, Pardada Pardadi is working to change the perception of women in this society. Pardada Pardadi only provides education to girls, and maintains a value-based curriculum. Pardada Pardadi also works with members of the community to teach them that women should be treated with respect and equality.