PPES is an organization which focuses on rural development via the empowerment of rural women. It is registered under the Societies' Registration Act in India (Registration Number 337). All donations from within India are tax exempted under 80G and we are eligible to receive foreign donations under FCRA. PPES works in 3 districts and 5 tehsils of Western Uttar Pradesh. To learn more about our key areas of focus (Female Empowerment, Child Education, Economic Development, and Health and Hygiene), please click here.

PPES strives to develop rural India through the empowerment of rural girls and women. To achieve this, we run four schools where students are given value-based education and are guaranteed a job after graduation, which will allow them to become socially and economically independent.

PPES also runs a primary healthcare centre ‘Prana’ where quality healthcare, medicines, and check-ups are provided to the beneficiaries.

Additionally, PPES initiated formation of Self-help groups of women to empower them socially and economically through mutual help and inter-loaning in order to facilitate larger community development. To increase the families’ income, a project was also launched to improve the productivity of the livestock through artificial insemination.

We partner with a company called I Village which runs a production centre where women are trained to make bags, suitcovers, incense sticks, home furnishings, and corporate gift sets so that they can become economically independent.

PPES wants to address the most vulnerable section of the society in India. Despite making up almost 50% of the population women and girls are often the most marginalised world over. Hence, there is an obvious need to work with them to be able to uplift an entire society.

There are more than 50,000 families in Anupshahr who are below poverty line. PPES wants to work with all these families.

Pardada Pardadi welcomes partnerships with other organizations or individuals to replicate this model for rural development elsewhere.

The education system in India is failing its citizens. Not only are many people not receiving basic education. But the education they do receive does not lead to employment opportunities or prepare them for life. Until the government begins to provide quality education for all of its citizens, it is up to non-governmental organizations to ensure that the rural sector is not forgotten. Most importantly, girls need to be given an enabling environment in order to be educated. This enabling environment is completely missing in government schools.

PPES welcomes all individuals/organizations to be a part of our family. To know more on how to become a part of PPES, contact us at info@pardadapardadi.org

PPES maintains audited financial statements for your review. Additionally, you can view the organisation’s annual reports to see a breakdown of the budget. You are strongly encourage to visit the school for a personal look at what your donation has accomplished.